“Without the encouragement of a business mentor, I would be a sole entrepreneur”

Picture: Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry magazine 4/2020
– Almost every new company should have a mentor, says Marko Borg (left). Jorma Tirkkonen agrees. – The mentor can warn of possible pitfalls in the beginning. As the business becomes more stabilized, the focus shifts farther into the future, he says.

In an article published in the Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry magazine, Marko Borg, CEO of MAB Powertec, talks about the support he received from Pirkanmaa Business Mentors in the early phases after starting the company. MAB Powertec’s business mentor Jorma Tirkkonen and Marko recall the early years of the company and they also discuss changes in management as the company grows.

Having a long career in automation and intelligent mobile work machines, Jorma wanted to participate in creating something new and share his experience as a mentor. Marko emphasizes the importance of discussions with Jorma and sharing experiences. “The first 2-3 years of a company are the most critical. That’s when big choices are made for the future. Without Jorma’s encouragement, I might have remained a sole entrepreneur. He has supported my efforts to grow the company and hire more people,” (Marko Borg, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry magazine, 2020).