The MAB Life Cycle View tool is now available for plants!

The Life Cycle View tool, developed by MAB Powertec, is now available for the life cycle management of plants and strategic decision-making. “We wanted to develop a tool that allows us to support our clients throughout the lifecycle of their plants and contribute to a longer operating time for their plants. In this way, we can also help our clients reduce the effect they have on the environment and operate more efficiently, ”says Anna Pääkkönen, leading expert at MAB Powertec.

MAB Life Cycle View is a browser-based tool whose various features can be customized according to the client’s plant. Features include e.g. color-coded regulations’ monitoring, plant emission control and monitoring, economic performance indicators, as well as weekly updated fuel prices. The various features of the tool give a comprehensive picture of the state of your plant.

The tool is designed to be used by heating and power plant companies to support monitoring and planning. It was important for Niko Raami, project manager at MAB Powertec, to take the client’s perspective into account when designing the tool: “The tool was developed together with our clients and we wanted it to be both simple to use and comprehensive in content. In this way, the company’s management receives the necessary information about the plant in one view.”


How can the Life Cycle View tool help your company?

  • Our experts will do an initial study for you and support you with e.g. understanding of different environmental and safety requirements and related measures. This ensures that the plant operates in accordance with current requirements.
  • Our experts also ensure that regulations are complied with when regulations change and that you are kept up to date
  • The tool will help you schedule your purchases correctly and be more cost-effective. With price monitoring, you can plan and schedule e.g. fuel procurement optimally.
  • By comparing key figures, you can monitor in which area your plant could improve and which operations your plant is succeeding better than the average
  • Combining the Timeline and Investment calculator features enables comprehensive planning
  • Stay updated with the latest industry developments and future trends with the News feature


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