Our experts in challenging international projects at Valmet

Valmet has increased its business of SOx scrubber deliveries in the marine industry and provides scrubber solutions to ships worldwide. There is a great deal of work to be done and challenges to face as emission requirements become stricter and the maritime industry strives to be more environmentally friendly. Our experts have had the pleasure in working on implementing solutions in this growing market.

Katja Räsänen from MAB Powertec’s environmental unit has been working in Valmet’s projects for 1.5 years and she now works in the Environmental Systems unit as a marine warranty coordinator for marine scrubber deliveries. Katja’s responsibilities include receiving customer warranty claims and finding solutions to these together with different units at Valmet and various suppliers: “I coordinate the necessary service tasks as well as the shipment and delivery of spare parts, and I ensure that the customer’s problem is resolved.” Responsiveness and management of large entities have been of paramount importance in these wide-ranging work tasks. As additional information is often needed from the ships to resolve warranty claims, the work is done in close cooperation with customers.

Project engineer Into Laitinen from MAB Powertec’s energy unit has also been working in Valmet’s Marine team since January. “Working in an expert organization is at the same time interesting and challenging, as the customers’ ships move globally between continents,” says Into. According to Katja, every work day is different and it keeps you on your toes: “The planning of spare part shipments and service tasks becomes more challenging when ships are constantly moving worldwide and there is often no more than the duration of one port stop to resolve a claim. If necessary, our service engineers stay on the ship for a few days and the problem is solved while the ship is at sea.