How often do you talk about energy saving in your company?

Last week we discussed crucial issues: how can we mitigate climate change and reduce environmental impacts by using energy efficiently?

Motiva’s “Energy Saving Week” this year focused on finding energy eaters – energy consumption sources, which insidiously consume a considerable amount of energy and burden both the environment and the economy. At MAB Powertec we examined our own energy consumption and discussed how we could contribute to energy saving even more effectively. This is how we realized the Energy Saving Week at our office:

– After moving to a new office space at the beginning of the month, MAB’s own recycling police ensured that all employees know how to recycle in the new office as well.
– Our pro-veggies encouraged all employees to eat a “voluntary” vegetarian lunch. We managed to convert the people, and no one was left hungry.
– During our Friday afternoon teatime, the Energy Quiz caused a heated debate in our competitive team. However, after enough debating, we received 9/11 points in the quiz. One would think that an energy engineering company would know everything about energy consumption, but we too have things to learn still – and that’s a good thing!

We talk about energy consumption and savings almost every day in our company, sometimes a little more lightly, but often also more seriously. The smart use of energy and the reduction of negative environmental impact are, one could say, the purpose of all our activities. We don’t always think about it during the busy project work, but we can actually make a pretty significant impact. Businesses have an important role in mitigating climate change, and on the other hand, climate change mitigation and energy efficiency also create new economic opportunities for businesses. Sitra’s survey on industrial companies shows, however, that “at present, the drivers that motivate companies’ climate action do not seem to be at the heart of their business, even though the opportunities offered by clean solutions are substantial. Without companies, solving the climate crisis is practically impossible, so Finnish companies are needed to play a more active role in solving these issues,” (Sitra, 2019).

During the Energy Saving Week, we took the time to consider our own possibilities to influence as a company, both in the office and in projects. A total of 250 organizations and educational institutions participated in the Energy Saving Week, reaching almost 360,000 people.