Environmental matters at the core of our business – ISO 14001 certification is an indication of our company’s responsibility towards the environment.

We have now certified our environmental management system according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard! The certified environmental management system works closely together with our ISO 9001 certified quality management system, which has guided our operations since the company was founded. The certificates are a promise to our customers to manage projects with high quality and sustainable solutions.

What does the ISO 14001 certification mean? It shows that we have systematically reviewed the environmental risks and opportunities of our operations and obtained a certificate for this, issued by an external auditor. The certification is internationally recognized as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14001 standard is the world’s best-known standard for environmental management.

How does it affect our operations? The system serves as a tool for our company’s environmental management, helping us to develop and improve our environmental management. With the guidance of the ISO 14001 standard, we have evaluated the current state of our environmental issues and have been able to set goals for the future.

How does it show concretely? The ISO 14001 certification is based on a systematic and equal assessment of environmental management, regardless of the company or organization. However, the system is also flexible and thus we can apply it in the best possible way for our company. Based on the nature of our company and the industry we operate in, the system has been implemented at many different levels. At the office level we have, for instance, examined our energy efficiency, recycling possibilities and environmental risks. At the mobility level, we have considered the possible environmental threats and opportunities when it comes to business trips and we have proposed development measures.

Our biggest impact, however, is at the project level, where we can help our customers in planning and implementing more sustainable solutions. Sharing our environmental expertise in different kinds of projects is the most influential thing we can do to mitigate climate change,” emphasizes Markus Merta, who has been leading the certification process at MAB Powertec. “The certified environmental management system is an asset for us, but we hope it also encourages others to develop their environmental management and to set goals.