Energy Audit for Adven Oy

This spring, MAB Powertec employees Niko Raami and Wolfgang Ludwig completed the training to become the person responsible for company energy audits, a training organized by The Energy Authority in Finland.

The Energy Efficiency Act that came into effect at the beginning of 2015 changed the policy on energy audits. Energy audits aim to analyse the gross energy consumption of the audited company, investigate the potential for energy saving and present the proposed saving measures, including the relevant profitability calculations.
The company’s energy audit takes into account all the company’s energy uses, such as buildings, industrial and commercial activities, as well as transport.

MAB Powertec has been chosen to perform an energy audit for Adven Oy’s heating plant and district heating network. MAB Powertec’s customer Adven Oy operates the plant and delivers district heat to its customers in the area. The energy audit is a part of the mandatory energy audit concerning big corporations pursuant to the Finnish Energy Efficiency Act.
The aim of the energy audit is to find energy saving and improvement potentials in the operation of the plant and network.