Lounavoima – Waste-to-energy plant in Salo

Lounavoima Oy produces energy from waste. Lounavoima is currently constructing a waste to energy power plant in Korvenmäki in Salo, which will convert unrecyclable municipal solid waste into energy. The actual construction phase began with building foundations at the end of March 2019, and the goal is to use waste fuel for the first time in January 2021.

The power plant will handle approx. 120 000 tonnes of waste annually, which is in line with the environmental permit of the plant. This is equivalent to approximately 44 MW of power.

MAB Powertec is responsible for all project and engineering services of Lounavoima’s new waste-to-energy plant, and this project will further strengthen MAB Powertec’s significant expertise in power plant projects and its expertise in modern and low-emission power plants.

Project news:

18.6.2020 How can carbon capture be applied as part of a circular economy?

10.6.2020 A successful pressure test at Lounavoima’s waste-to-energy plant is a step towards cleaner energy

→ 28.10.2019 Lounavoima Oy’s project is progressing on schedule

7.5.2019 Foundation stone laid for the waste-to-energy plant of Lounavoima

12.2.2019 MAB Powertec part of the construction of the waste-to-energy plant of Lounavoima

For more information about the project:

+358 40 5561067  |  marko.borg[at]mabpowertec.fi