Hartela Etelä-Suomi

Hartela Etelä-Suomi is part of Hartela Group, which is one of the largest construction companies in Finland. The Etelä-Suomi branch covers areas, such as the metropolitan area and its surrounding municipalities and Lahti.

Hartela Etelä-Suomi is currently acting as the contractor in the construction project of the new Perkkaa Campus headquarters of Ramboll Oy. The new headquarters are being built in Leppävaara in Espoo. The modern office building will use solar energy as one of the sources of electricity.

MAB Powertec provided a 35kW solar panel system as a turn-key delivery. Solar energy will be collected using 113 solar panels installed both on the roof and on the south-facing wall of the building. Co-operation was done with Kauko Oy, as well as with Pro Power Oy who were responsible for the installation of the system. For more about the project contact Markus Merta, markus.merta@mabpowertec.fi, +358 40 7738758