Haapajärven Lämpö Oy

Haapajärven Lämpö Oy is currently constructing a new environmentally friendly heat plant, which will be situated in the same area as the already existing Rantakatu heat plant.

The new hybrid plant will use local fuels for its heat production. In addition, it will produce a portion of its own energy demand using solar energy.

The fuel power efficiency of the heat plant will be 20MW.

The new hybrid bio-plant of Haapajärven Lämpö is a public procurement where MAB Powertec’s expertise has played an important role as the owner’s engineer service provider.

Our services consist of the following components:

  • the project manager of the venture
  • the expertise and engineering services
  • design of the heat plant concept
  • permits for the concept
  • investment grant applications
  • EIA (environmental impact assessment) of the new heat plant
  • architect services
  • EPC material for inquiries
  • supplier supervision
  • issues regarding contracts
  • site supervision
  • life cycle services

Project news:

→ 31.8.2020 The new landmark of Haapajärvi has reached its highest point

→ 24.4.2020 Installation work for the boiler has begun in Haapajärvi

→ 24.3.2020 Energy from sustainable sources in Haapajärvi

→ 24.10.2019 Haapajärven Lämpö 40 years

→ 26.6.2019 Haapajärven Lämpö: the agreement for the fuel receiving system has been signed

→ 29.4.2019 The new biofuel plant project of Haapajärven Lämpö is advancing: The agreement for the boiler procurement package has been signed


For more information:

+358 40 670 7583  |  niko.raami[at]mabpowertec.fi