¡Bienvenido a Chile!

“This project is an important step in sharing our expertise in a new market.”

MAB Powertec will be part of a pilot project on district heating at the Isla Teja campus of Austral University, in Valdivia, Chile. Valdivia is located at the junction of three rivers in central Chile, approximately 840 km south of Santiago. The aim of this pilot project is to replace the university’s building-specific diesel boilers with district heating networks, which will be a turning point in the heat production.

In Chile, district heating has currently become of great interest for heating buildings, as cities in particular suffer from poor air quality caused by fine particles. An immense part of these fine particles originates from the burning wood that is used for heating single-family homes. Valdivia is one of the twelve cities involved in a joint Initiative by the Chilean government, the UN, and the Chilean Industry Federation SOFOFA to identify suitable pilot sites for district heating networks to improve air quality in the country.

Marko Borg, CEO and Project Manager at MAB Powertec, sees the project in Chile as a good continuation to the company’s active internationalization: “Being able to bring our expertise for the heat generation in Chile and operating as the engineering provider for the project are important steps in not only strengthening our international presence but also sharing our know-how in a new market.” MAB Powertec’s experts have long been active outside of Finland and we are a trusted partner in international projects. Tuomo Renkonen from MAB Powertec has been the engineering manager in a power plant project in Japan. In addition, Jouni Hämäläinen, our quality management expert, has overseen the delivery of power plants in Portugal and Denmark.

Additional information: Wolfgang Ludwig | Project Manager
+358 40 1366151