MAB Powertec Oy

About Us

MAB Powertec Oy offers project management and feasibility services, engineering services, plant concept services, supply management and environmental know-how. We have gained our experience in project management from multiple challenging projects, especially in the renewable energy sector.

Our philosophy is “to ensure a successful project for our client from the ground work and throughout the entire project”. To ensure excellent quality for our clients and their projects, we have built a professional contact network. We have a considerable amount of experience in handling international projects and we work fluently and with great expertise across the globe.

Our services include assisting our client with solving challenges during their projects and ensure a successful outcome. Each assignment, its extent, use, schedule, and goals are defined separately and a high quality and cost-efficient operational model is developed.

Our quality is ensured by Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 certification. Our business model is based on a long-term and reliable contact network and we are thus able to provide cost-efficient solutions for our clients. We are a member of World Bioenergy, Bionenergia and Project Management (pry) association.

Our target audience focuses on owners, suppliers and other companies working among district heating and power plants; generating energy from biomass, renewable resources and/or waste products, solar and other energy sectors.

Our clients benefit as we provide the correct decision-making, environmental know-how and successful projects to ensure profitable business. We carry out all aspects of project management and engineering from initial early feasibility studies and concept development to full implementation of the project.

“Effiency and proficiency – a guarantee of satisfaction”