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MAB Powertec Oy offers project management and feasibility services, engineering services, plant concept services, supply management and environmental know-how. We have managed numerous projects and gained our extensive experience from multiple challenging projects, especially in the renewable energy sector.

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Our clients

Our clientele consists of heat and power plant owners and suppliers, which use renewable energy as a power source in their energy production. In addition, we co-operate with other companies in the industry.

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Our Services

Heat Production Services

As our customer you will receive expert engineering and project services. Our services are suited for both existing heat and power plants as well as for new projects.

Expert Services

Our experts are involved in both local and international projects. Our diverse set of services include, for instance expert engineering as well as various assessments and studies.

Power Plant Services

Our services include engineering, supervision and project management. Our experts are currently working in various local and global power plant delivery projects.

Lifecycle Services

Our life cycle services ensure, that heat and power plants are designed and executed with expertise and with regard to environmental factors.

Solar Energy Services

Our experts develop solar energy solutions for various locations from industrial sites to office buildings.


Environmental Engineering Services

We offer our customers environmental know-how and develop solutions for their projects regarding environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions control.


Environmental Services for Orimattilan Lämpö Oy

MAB Powertec is engineering the modernization of the fuel handling of Orimattilan Lämpö’s Viljamaantie heat

MAB Powertec part of the construction of the waste to power plant of Lounavoima

Lounavoima Oy produces energy from waste. Lounavoima is currently constructing a waste to energy power

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Contact Information

Marko Borg

Executive Chairman

Projects and Sales

+358 40 556 1067

Tuomo Renkonen

Head of Design

Energy and environment

+358 40 825 5907

Jouni Hämäläinen


Energy and quality control

Wolfgang Ludwig

Project Manager

+358 40 136 6151

Meri Bergholm

Project Manager

+358 40 483 8284

Markus Merta


Environment and Solar Energy

+358 40 773 8758

Pasi Mäenpää

Design Engineer

+358 40 808 6961

Niko Raami

Design / Project Engineer

+358 40 6707583

Katja Räsänen

Project Engineer

+358 40 5328525

Marika Annila

Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Niko Salonen

Project Engineer

Ville Jokelainen

Project Engineer

MAB Powertec Oy

Finlaysoninkatu 7, 4krs
33210 Tampere

Our telephone switch:

06 781 2199


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